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Currently over 15.3 million humans for sale!

Today's Most Expensive Females
1. $3,508,878.0019Asian1645200Doctorate Degree$500,000-$999,999Other
2. $2,816,190.0089Asian10200Graduate DegreeMore than $1,000,000Legal
3. $1,984,964.0022White/Caucasian1546101High School$20,000-$29,999Customer Service
4. $1,803,068.0019Other1292139High SchoolLess than $20,000Student
5. $1,803,068.0019Other1292139Student
6. $1,566,038.000White/Caucasian1141124

Judging by these numbers it looks like we have some of the world's greatest geniuses living amongst us.

Average value for a female is $1,568,098.34

Top Males

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